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Tapco Chamber Safety Tool for Rifle





Constructed of high strength composite

Designed for use in rifles

Yellow finish

Strengthened head for increased durability

Quantity of 20

Video Review Tapco Chamber Safety Tool for Rifle

This is a short review to show you the range of Tapco Chamber Safety Tools. They make them for pistols, rifles and shotguns, and gives you a few added features over standard safety flags. For...

Here at we encourage our staff to use as many of the products that we carry as possible. This is the second in a series of videos showcasing our staff favorites. Enjoy! ...

Learn about the Chamber Safety Tool from Tapco Weapons Accessories by watching this video. For more information please visit

Simple AK-47 chamber safety flag. When you take your AK-47 to the range and the safety officer wants proof that you rifle is safe I think this will work. The AK-47 does not have a lock open...